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Daniel Drake, Esq.
Of Counsel
(352) 415-4571


  • Over 25 years of experience practicing law in Florida

  • Recovered over $400,000.00 for
    Tenant-Victim in negligent security

  • Over $1,000,000 Commercial Eviction Verdict

  • Prosecuted over 10,000 evictions in        Florida

  • Graduated Cum Laude, Stetson University Law School

  • Former insurance defense lawyer

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Why Beacon

Beacon Legal PLLC has two goals, (1) help people who have been injured avoid financial peril and (2) change the way people view the legal industry, for the better. ​


One day, while working a summer job in a hot welding shop in Pensacola, Florida, Landon's co-worker (and friend) began showing signs of a stroke.  Landon and his friend arrived at the emergency room. They stood at the front counter, a wall of plexiglass between the two friends and the hospital employee at the intake counter.


The friend's mouth was sagging to one side. Urine soiled the pant leg. The friend was a kind, joyful man. But now he couldn't speak clearly. The friend's eyes were bloodshot from a long day's work, as usual. But the eyes were different now. They were not cheery. The eyes were crying for help. Scared at the obvious damage occurring to the brain. 


Instead of providing immediate assistance, the hospital employee told the friend and Landon to sit down in the waiting room. Really? Yes. Landon and his friend were upset and shocked. But they just followed the orders. What else were they going to do? This failure to speak-up would haunt Landon for quite some time. 

After roughly fifteen minutes, a nurse finally called Landon and his friend to the back. The nurse then derided the friend for not coming in sooner. "Every minute matters with strokes," the nurse said. 


What occurred in the waiting room was an obvious injustice on many levels. The takeaway for Landon was, Rules were likely broken by the hospital. But if one doesn't know the rules or laws, it's more difficult to object when they are broken. From this experience and others, Landon decided he wanted to learn to practice law, so he and his clients would not have to "sit down" ever again. 

Thanks for reading this far. If you have experienced injustice, you know it's difficult to feel heard.  Call or text Beacon Legal PLLC today at (352) 415-4571 to speak with an attorney. You will have a conversation with a real attorney, who will listen attentively and empathetically, and then give you a free case evaluation.

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